If there is any conflicting information, your FCOM shall be the overriding reference.

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Q1. What happens, when ANN LT switch is held at TEST position?

A1.  The following takes place when the NN LT switch is held at TEST position :-

–>   Illuminates all flight deck annunciators lights

–>  Puts 8’s up in all LCDs

–>  The transfers of data between ECAM & ND are not allowed

–>  Switching between electronic instrument system and display management computers are not allowed. 

Q2. When will LOGO lights turn on automatically?

A2.  The LOGO lights turn on automatically in the following conditions :-

–>  The main gear struts are compressed or the flaps are extended at least 15 °.

Q3. When will LOGO lights turn OFF automatically?

A3.  The LOGO lights will turn off automatically when the following conditions are not met :-

–>  The main gear struts are compressed or the flaps are extended at least 15 °.

Q4. Are there any speed limitations, if LAND lights are not retracted?

A4.  The Landing Lights are designed to operate at Maximum Operating speeds (Vmo)

Q5. When does RWY TURN OFF lights go off automatically?

A5.  These lights go off automatically when landing gear is retracted.

Q6. When will STROBE lights turn on automatically?

A6.  The strobe lights come on automatically when the main gear strut is not

compressed with the STROBE Lt. sw position in AUTO.

Q7. Which lights will come ON automatically if cabin altitude goes above 11300 feet?

A7.  If the cabin altitude goes above 11 300 ft (± 350 ft), the cabin illuminates (depending

on the CIDS/CAM programming) and the following illuminate :-



–>   EXIT signs ,

       regardless of the SEAT BELTS and NO PORTABLE/ELEC DEVICE selector switches.

Q8. For which of the lights/signs, you get ECAM memo?

A8.  For the following lights/signs you get ECAM MEMO :-

–>  Landing Light

–>  Strobe Light

–>  Seat Belts and No PED signs

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