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Q1. On ECAM DOOR / OXY page, what does the SLIDE label indicate?

A1.  The SLIDE label appears in white, when the slide is armed.

Q2. How will you know if a slide is disarmed on any cabin door?

A2.  Each passenger door has :

‐->  One warning light to show whether the escape slide is ARMED or DISARMED

–>  ECAM DOOR / OXY page, the SLIDE label appears in white.

Q3. How will you know if a door is open? How is it indicated on the DOOR / OXY page?

A3.  On ECAM DOOR / OXY page,  the DOOR symbol appears :-

–>  Green :  The door is closed and locked

–>  Amber :  The door is not locked.

Correspondingly, the DOOR indication appears in amber, when the door is not locked.

Q4. How many single-lane slide-rafts on each IndiGo aircraft?

A4.  Nos. 4.

Q5. How many Dual-Lane Slide-rafts on each IndiGo aircraft?

A5.  Nos. 2.

Q6. Can cargo doors be still operated if Yellow Hydraulic electric pump has failed? How?

A6.  Yes. If the yellow system’s electric pump fails, crewmen can use a hand pump to pressurize the system. This hand pump is on the hydraulic maintenance panel.

Q7. If a cabin door is closed & armed, can it be opened from outside? In that case, will slide deploy?

A7.  Yes, they can be operated from inside or outside the aircraft. Opening the door from the outside disarms the door and the escape slide.

Q8. When will CABIN PRESSURE warning light on passenger door, get illuminated?

A8.  The CABIN PRESSURE warning light on the passenger door illuminates when :-

–>  Both engines stopped and the Slides are disarmed and the Cabin Differential Pressure is above 2.5 Hpa.

Q9. When will SLIDE ARMED warning light on passenger door, get illuminated?

A9.  The SLIDE ARMED warning light illuminates White if Control Handle is operated while the Slide is armed.

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