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The Embraer Legacy Line-up Private Jet For Business Travel

The Embraer Legacy Line-up Private Jet For Business Travel

Looking for an Embraer Legacy jet for your business travel? or have you in mind of buying an Embraer Legacy jet under your name?

The Embraer’s Legacy jets are indeed Embraer’s legacy of mid-size business jets that have been popular in the 21st century. These Legacy jets have proven to be efficient business travelers as mid-size jets all over the world.

It is worth discussing the variants and their tech aspects, interior design, acquisition cost, and operating cost of the Embraer’s legacy series before buying.


The Embraer’s legacy series starts with the Legacy 600 business jet based on the two mid-size business jets, namely the ERJ-135 and ERJ-145.

As per the records, the Embraer Legacy 600 entered into service in 2002 as the first legacy model. Later, its extended version came into the service in 2009, upgrading the range and performance.

Apart from these two jets, two new business jets entered into the family “Legacy”, named Legacy 450 and 500, which entered into operation in 2014 and 2015 separately. For a better understanding of the legacy variants, let’s discuss each separately. 



As stated above, this jet is the pioneer of the Legacy series per the aviation records. It ended its production in 2015, and a total of 175 aircraft were released to the aviation market.

The passenger capacity is up to thirteen to fourteen, and two crew can easily be accommodated in this mid-size jet. The Embraer Legacy 600 ranges between 3250nm and 3400 nm with eight to four passengers on board.

As per the type certificate, this jet is referred to as the EMB-135BJ and includes a maximum fuel capacity of 10264 liters spread across two wing tanks and two aft. fuselage tanks.

The cabin of the Legacy 600 extends to 50 ft with 40 m³ furnished hardwoods and fabrics of premium quality. The cabin layout can be arranged in either two versions or two abreast 20-seat Corporate Shuttle versions to the Government VIP/Executive version cabin. For passenger comfort, an Airshow system, a DVD, real-time communications, and modes of communication are included in the cabin area.

This jet has only a rear inflight accessible cargo compartment loading of 6.8 m³ for carrying 450 kg of luggage. The powerplant, equipped with two Rolls-Royce turbofan engines (AE3007A1E), gives thrust of 8,000 lbs. and a max. speed of 455 kts.

The flight deck is composed of a full glass cockpit with a Rockwell Collins Pro Line Avionics Suite. This system includes dual digital air data computers, a head-up guidance system (HGS), synthetic vision system (SVS), enhanced vision system (EVS), an onboard maintenance system (CMC), a TCAS II traffic alert and collision avoidance system, and an Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS).

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The acquisition cost of the Embraer Legacy 600 is around $13-$14 million. But the models manufactured in 2004–2009 cost around $6.7 -$10.5 million. This price is lower when compared to competitors such as the Gulfstream G450, but slightly higher than the Falcone 900EX.

The operating cost is around $3600 per flight hour and the annual fixed cost ranges between $945,000 and $948,000, which is less when compared to the Gulfstream G450 and the Falcone 900EX.


This jet is the extended version of the Legacy 600 business jet. The overall exterior is the same as the legacy 600, but it has improved the performance aspects.

The Embraer Legacy 650 uses two Rolls-Royce turbofan engines (AE3007A2) with an increase in the MTOW (22000kg to 24300kg) and more fuel tanks (maximum fuel capacity of 11681 liters) for performance enhancement. The range of the Legacy 650 has increased to 3900nm and is equipped with advanced avionics in the flight deck.

An enhanced version of the 650 was released in 2017, which enhanced the flight deck and interiors compared to the 650 version. In 2020, the Legacy 650 ceased production, and nearly 100 jets were released at that time.

The average pre-owned price is $20 million, which is less than the Global 5000 and Gulfstream G450.The models manufactured in 2011–2014 cost around $10.9 -$13.9 million. It has a total variable cost of $1.5 million and a total fixed cost of $950,000 per flight hour of 450 flying hours. The operating cost per hour is around $3800, which is quite similar to the legacy 600 version and less than the Gulfstream G450 and Global 5000.

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The Embraer Legacy 500 came into service in 2014. This business jet is much smaller than the earlier legacy jets and has a passenger capacity of eight and 2 flight crew. The baggage capacity is minimized to 4.4 m³ and holds a maximum payload of 1300 kg. The overall exterior is quite smaller than the original types (600/650), which suits the mid-size business jet category. This jet has a fuel capacity of 5920kg and is equipped with Honeywell HTF7500E engines.

The Legacy 500 has a maximum speed of 470 knots and an average range of 3,100 nm with a typical passenger load. The Challenger 300 has a higher range than the Legacy 500, but the Hawker 900XP has slightly less range. Nearly 82 aircraft were manufactured, and a majority of those jets are in the USA or owned by high-net-worth individuals.

The average preowned Embraer Legacy 500 preowned price is around $17 million, which is more expensive than its competitors, the Hawker 900XP and Challenger 300.The annual fixed cost for this jet is around $865,000, which is lower than the above-mentioned competitors. The total hourly cost of the Embraer Legacy 500 is roughly around $3,000 for flying 450 hours.

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It is probably the smaller jet in the Legacy family that is preferable for small groups and shorter trips. The Embraer Legacy 450 came into service in 2015, and nearly 60 aircraft are flying around the world now. The passenger capacity is decreased to 7 passengers and has a range of 2800 nm per typical passenger load. The range is quite higher than its competitor, Cessna’s, latitude.

The fuel capacity also decreased to 4963 kg, but the maximum payload has increased to 1325 kg. This jet is designed to carry a maximum payload of over 2300nm, which is more weight than both the Citation Latitude and Hawker 900XP. The cabin length of the legacy 450 has been shortened a little, but the width and height are still the same as the 500 version.

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The acquisition cost of this business jet is between $14-$18 million, which is similar to its competitors. The operating cost per hour is around $2700-$2800 which is slightly higher than competitors, but the fixed cost is less, at roughly $560,000.

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The legacy series mid-size jets have been flying over 30 countries, providing a more efficient flying experience with comprehensive cabin comfort. Each variant has a specific special feature that grabs the interest of jet setters. It is in the buyer’s interest to choose the perfect business jet that provides an elegant business or private air travel experience.



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