Chief Flying Instructors

Training Aircraft SunsetThe Flying Engineer interviewed the Chief Flying Instructors of four, well established and quality flying training institutes in the country. The aim of the interview is to allow the audience to better understand topics seldom talked about, in India: flying training, the qualities of an instructor, the general aviation scenario, and how the country’s aviation sector can improve. Although general Aviation is usually seen as the backbone of aviation in any country, it is an ailing segment in the country which needs to be made very accessible.

Below are the four Instructors, interviewed, in no particular order. Clicking on the links will lead you to a page dedicated to each Chief Flying Instructor (Chief Flying Instructor as of 10th December 2013).

Wing Commander (retd, Indian Air Force) T.K. Chatterjee: CFI, IGRUA (published 18th Nov 2013)

Wing Commander (retd, Indian Air Force) Neel Kamal: CFI, Chimes Aviation Academy  (published 25th Nov 2013)

Wing Commander (retd, Indian Air Force) Srikrishna: CFI, GMR-APFT (published 04th Dec 2013)

Group Captain (retd, Indian Air Force) Ashwani Bhakoo: CFI, NFTI/ CAE-Gondia (published 10th Dec 2013)

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