Love is in “the air”

Aviation brought them together. And so they wanted their pre-wedding photos at a fitting place.

Juanda International Airport, Surabaya.

Anything to do with aviation gets my excitement soaring (pun intended), but this was something that one doesn’t come across everyday. So, being the best man (that I always am), I was asked to join them, as they got themselves clicked away into an album that will last them for a lifetime.

Cleo, the pretty girl she is, was formerly an airhostess with Air Asia Indonesia, before joining Qatar airways. Gema has dabbled quite a bit with aviation: private flying, CAE simulators, and the whole Indonesian aviation community almost on his fingertips.

Enjoy the photos. They’re now proud parents of a pretty little girl, Scarlet.

By a row of GAF Nomads, a Buffalo, and a MD-82

By a GAF Nomad

By the DHC-5 Buffalo

Cleo with her former airline's A320 in the background

By Wings Air's MD-82

All's well that...well....starts in aviation!

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