Captain Dad and kid First Officer

It was in 2010 that I was on my way to Rae Barelli, to India’s best flight school on the personal invitation of the director, Air Marshal (retd) “Charly” Verma. I honestly was excited. TB-20s, King Air C-90s, and to witness a host of things I had only heard about! Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi was calling!

My route to the school was Bangalore-Mumbai, and from there Mumbai-Lucknow. From Lucknow I was to take a road transport for a distance of around 100kms. My Bangalore-Mumbai flight diverted to Ahmedabad , thanks to a VIP departure from Mumbai’s VABB that had disrupted the schedules for the day. When I returned to Mumbai from Ahmedabad, I had to wait quite a bit for another connecting flight to Lucknow.

And that was when I was pleasantly surprised to see Capt. Rajnish Verma, walking in with his head held high, in uniform to operate a flight that day. By his side, a smaller, cuter “first officer” Jr. Verma, in full Kingfisher Airlines’ uniform, pulling along his trolley school bag as the next best thing to his dad’s flight bag.

I can never stop laughing at the kid’s ID card!

Capt. Rajnish Verma was incidentally a former instructor at IGRUA, recruited by my grand-uncle, Air Vice Marshal (retd) Subbaramu. AVM “Subbu” himself was a director of IGRUA for a while.

Will cut the talk here; enjoy the pictures:

Capt Rajnish Verma and his son stormed into the terminal at Mumbai in style!

Close up: Kid Captain

A perfect crew: Commander and First Officer of a Fairy Tale airline!

3 thoughts on “Captain Dad and kid First Officer”

  1. Manmohan S Rawat said:

    Can i get his phone no.?

  2. first officer seems to be more stylish than captain…………..ready to put more glamour in aviation, keep it up!!

  3. good morning Sir,

    Suresh Chandra Yadav
    Asstt. Gr.A

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