Out Of the Blue

Out of the Blue is a collection of occurances that are pretty rare. Like an interview with a captain who brought down a 727 pretty neat on the ground despite its landing gear not extending. Or wedding photos at an airport for those who fall in love at 31,000 ft. Out of the blue is a mix of everything: serious, creative, maybe wild…..but something that is truly out of the blue.

Pilot experiences will soon follow!


Iran Air 743 account: First Hand

I got a lucky chance to interview Capt Hooshang Shabazi, the famed “Sully” of the Middle East, for his textbook perfect landing of his nose-gear-less Boeing 727. The feat was amazing, and the landing’s video went viral on youtube. He deserves a round of applause. There are lessons to be learnt as well, from the exemplary actions of that day that saved a majestic aircraft and its passengers. Read here.

Love is in the Air

Two good friends. One common passion: aviation. That brought them together to marriage two years back. But they didn’t stop there; they went on in style to get their pre-wedding photos taken on an airfield. More pictures, little talk. See some of them here.

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