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Virgin Australia Leads with Advanced Baggage Tracking System

Virgin Australia Leads with Advanced Baggage Tracking System

Enhancing the Journey with Unmatched Baggage Visibility

In a landmark move set to redefine the air travel experience, Virgin Australia announces the widespread expansion of its groundbreaking baggage tracking tool. Now encompassing every domestic and international flight, including sought-after destinations like Queenstown, Bali, Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, and Japan, this expansion marks a significant enhancement in customer service and operational efficiency.

Virgin Australia has always been at the forefront of innovation, and by extending this first-of-its-kind technology across its entire network, the airline solidifies its position as a leader in the Australian aviation industry. The unique feature set of the baggage tracking tool ensures passengers enjoy an unrivaled peace of mind, knowing the exact status of their checked luggage at every stage of their journey.

A First for Australian Airlines

This expansion is not merely an increase in the tool’s reach; it introduces an unparalleled level of service transparency and customer reassurance. Virgin Australia is the only Australian airline to offer real-time notifications for baggage check-in, loading, and carousel arrival. This functionality is a testament to the airline’s commitment to leveraging technology for enhancing passenger experiences.

Since its initial launch across two-thirds of Virgin Australia’s domestic network last year, the baggage tracking tool has seen impressive engagement, with over 1.3 million uses by travelers. This surge in usage is accompanied by a 12% increase in app downloads, indicating high customer appreciation and demand for such innovative services.

Simple, Seamless, and Secure Baggage Tracking System

The Virgin Australia app, available for free download, is the gateway to this seamless service. By enabling push notifications, passengers can stay informed from the moment their luggage is processed to when it’s ready for pickup. This feature is particularly comforting for travelers, mirroring the convenience and reliability seen in the tracking of food and parcel deliveries.

Paul Jones, Virgin Australia’s Chief Customer & Digital Officer, emphasizes the natural progression of this technology: “Australians are accustomed to tracking nearly everything in real-time via apps. Extending this capability to baggage during flights is a logical and highly valued step forward.”

Image of Baggage Tracking System.

Easy and Accessible

To access the Baggage Tracking System, passengers simply need to:


    • Download the Virgin Australia app,

    • Enable push notifications.

The app, free to download, serves as a key touchpoint for travelers, ensuring they stay informed throughout their journey.

More Than Just Tracking: A Comprehensive Digital Strategy

Today’s announcement is part of Virgin Australia’s ambitious $400 million investment in digital innovation and customer service. This strategy encompasses a broad range of initiatives aimed at streamlining the customer experience, from the launch of new websites and apps to the introduction of Rapid Rebook, a self-service tool designed to empower passengers in managing their bookings during disruptions.

Virgin Australia’s efforts to reduce call-wait times have also borne fruit, with significant improvements reported over the past year. These advancements reflect a holistic approach to customer service, ensuring every touchpoint with the airline is efficient, pleasant, and stress-free.

Looking Ahead: Virgin Australia’s Vision for the Future

As Virgin Australia continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in aviation, its focus remains firmly on the customer. The expansion of the baggage tracking tool is just one of many steps the airline is taking to ensure a superior travel experience.

By embracing digital transformation and prioritizing customer needs, Virgin Australia is not just leading in innovation but is also nurturing a deeper connection with its passengers. As the airline looks to the future, it’s clear that its journey is one of continuous improvement, with the passenger experience at its heart.

For more information about Virgin Australia’s innovative baggage tracking tool and to download the app, visit Virgin Australia’s website.



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