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Introduction to Monarch Air Group

Monarch Air Group is a top-tier provider of private aviation services, offering customized jet charters for business and leisure travelers. With global reach and a focus on flexibility, they ensure a seamless and luxurious travel experience.

Key Features of Monarch Air Group

Monarch Air Group excels in delivering private jet services with a client-first approach. They provide 24/7 support, ensuring that each flight is tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of their passengers.

Services Offered by Monarch Air Group

Monarch Air Group offers a range of aviation services:

  • Private Jet Charters: Custom flights for individuals and groups, giving passengers full control over their itinerary.
  • Group Charter: Ideal for corporate or leisure groups seeking coordinated travel.
  • Empty Leg Flights: Discounted rates for one-way flights, utilizing jets that would otherwise fly empty.

Private Jet Empty Leg Service

Monarch Air Group offers empty leg flights as a cost-efficient way to travel privately. These flights are perfect for spontaneous travelers and those with flexible schedules, allowing them to enjoy luxury travel at a significant discount.

Benefits of Choosing Monarch Air Group

Opting for Monarch Air Group comes with several advantages:

  • Personalized Service: Each flight is carefully curated for maximum comfort and efficiency.
  • Global Reach: Access to thousands of airports worldwide, ensuring flexible and diverse itineraries.
  • Cost-Effective Options: Affordable pricing, especially for empty leg flights.

Summary Table of Monarch Air Group’s Key Services

Here’s an overview of the services offered by Monarch Air Group:

Service TypeDescription
Private Jet ChartersBespoke flights designed to your schedule
Group CharterCoordinated travel for large groups
Empty Leg FlightsReduced-cost options for one-way private jet travel

Why Use Monarch Air Group

Travelers choose Monarch Air Group for their reliability, personalized approach, and extensive service options. Whether it’s for business or leisure, Monarch ensures a smooth and superior flying experience.


Monarch Air Group stands out as a trusted partner in private aviation, offering tailored charter services that prioritize customer satisfaction and safety. Their dedication to quality ensures every journey is extraordinary.

For more detailed information, visit

This guide to Monarch Air Group outlines their services and the unique benefits they offer, making them a top choice for private jet charters.


Google Reviews

19 reviews
  • Dustin McCowan
    Dustin McCowan
    2 years ago

    From start to finish, our experience was beyond what one may expect when charting air travel. Laura was absolutely incredible; she was available to answer any and every question we had, really just very, very pleasant. Everyone was ready and waiting upon our arrival, it was a seamless boarding experience. The Hawker was/is gorgeous, the pilots were both impeccable, and our attendant -Elisabeth- ensured out every need was met. I would HIGHLY recommend this outfit to anyone who desires a memorable travel experience. Great job y’all, keep it up!!!

  • Stephanie Baird
    Stephanie Baird
    10 months ago

    Frank was great to work with - very professional and very responsive. I had a last minute change to the passenger list and new departure time and everything was set up in just a few minutes. The travelers reported that the pilots were great and flights were on time. I would definitely charter flights with them in the future.

  • Dene Sheheane
    Dene Sheheane
    10 months ago

    Daria Rossinskaya and Monarch Air Group provided us with exceptional charter flight service during a family emergency. We needed an international flight on less than 24 hours notice. Daria worked with us until late in the night and early the next morning to ensure all the details were quickly handled. The entire team is very professional, courteous, and caring.

  • Eric A.
    Eric A.
    11 months ago

    To be honest, Brian and Monarch Air Group exceeded our expectations in every step of the process. From the first contact and quote to the our trip back home. The flights were great, ground transportation on point. Brian was always in touch and was very helpful. Looking forward to our next trip with them.

  • Scott Davis
    Scott Davis
    9 months ago

    This is the first time I've booked a charter for my family and I, and Michael Loff made it as easy as I could ever imagined. Michael had arranged food for the flight and the car rental. Everything went accordingly as planned and on point. Thanks for the great service!

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