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  • Event date:
    July 13, 2024 at 6:32 pm
  • Event end:
    July 14, 2024 at 6:32 pm

California Capital Airshow 2024 July 13th – 14th Mather Airport

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  • Tara Miller
    Tara Miller
    in the last week

    It's always a fabulous time. This year, the weather gave us a break from the heat wave, which made it even better! Thank you Atlas Disposal!!!

  • Skyla Valentin
    Skyla Valentin
    in the last week

    It was a wonderful experience I can’t wait for next year I go every year and it’s way better to experience it inside the gates is way better than a side street! It is definitely worth the money to get inside listening to the history behind each plane and the music makes it way more emotional!!

  • Haidee Calderon
    Haidee Calderon
    in the last week

    The show was extraordinary and we took so many pictures and videos at the 7/13/24 air show but we had a horrible experience at the time of leaving the place and that's why we took away 2 stars... when we were about to leave (like everyone else) we discovered our car's battery was completely drained because we forgot our headlights on, we asked the air show staff, the parking lot staff and the patrolling police for help BUT THEY ALL DITCH US AND ONLY SUGGESTED US TO TRY AND FINDING A GOOD SAMARITAN AMONG THE OTHER PATRONS. Yes, those were their words!!! We tried asking but everyone just turned away their heads while passing in front of us, it was until the parking lot was almost empty that 3 angels were willing to help us, they saved us from an odyssey of going back home to north sac from rancho Cordova riding an Uber just to go get our other vehicle to jump start our car, even their young kid was so eager to help us, so, we thank you 3 good samaritans for being compassionate enough, it was 3 good souls among several thousands that attended the show and THE COMPLETELY HEARTHLESS STAFF MEMBERS THAT CHOSE TO IGNORED US

  • Filip Zakrzewski
    Filip Zakrzewski
    2 years ago

    Super fun event for little and big fans of aviation! You can enjoy wonderful flights by the military jets, you can buy food (not on the drive in day), you can enter multiple huge transport, hospital, or even firefighter and police planes There are attractions like fight simulators, or possibility to sit in a cockpit of the F-15 The military is also drafting, so if you are looking for a career - they are there waiting for you Remember to bring something to protect your ears (there are spots where they sell some ear protections, but it may be quite expensive, s hint here - buying from the army is always the cheapest option) Parking is included in the price of a ticket Depending on a ticket price you'll park very close or far away from the entrance, and inside may have an option to sit in a little better spot with less people and some seating included On the drive in you just stay by your car, like in the cinema!

  • Amanda Slinkard
    Amanda Slinkard
    a year ago

    Normally I would give it 5 stars but this year was not one of the best years. They had the typical displays that you can go inside of. The disappointment was the air show. They didn't have any of the special teams flying today (Sunday) and it ended an hr early. Infant one of the planes that was part of the static display got taxied out while the show was still happening. I would be more upset if we had to pay for our tickets. Hopefully next year is better. The one nice thing was we did get to sit under a wing this year, the shade was a very welcomed thing.

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