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  • Event date:
    July 13, 2024 at 12:00 pm
  • Event end:
    July 13, 2024 at 10:30 pm

Come join us at the Goshen Municipal Airport for our annual celebration honoring Veterans and essay winners. Enjoy an impressive display of aircraft, fantastic vendors, and a stunning fireworks show.


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  • Michael Dorrier
    Michael Dorrier
    in the last week

    I hope everyone gets the opportunity to watch these amazing pilots maneuver these planes once !!

  • Mike S
    Mike S
    in the last week

    I normally do not leave bad reviews unless I have an unpleasant experience. I was at the Goshen Municipal Airport for the Freedom Fest. I will say they put on a great show, and I would like to come back next year. But my night did not end well. When I was walking with my friend back to my car, it was dark and could not see what I was stepping on. Then out of nowhere, I stepped on a hole and felt my ankle roll. Luckily, my friend saw me start to go down and caught my arm. I felt okay and thought it was a near miss. Well, when I woke up today, the pain started to increase and now it is hard to walk on my left foot. I hope this does not get worse. I think for a big event like this, the staff would be looking for these holes and covering them with something. The holes were from the poles for the tents. If someone removed a big pole and created a hole, you would think it would be common sense to cover that up. It is a huge safety concern and I bet more people did the same thing I did. I hope next year it will be safe to walk around the Goshen Municipal Airport. Safety should always come first and if I do not feel safe, I will stop coming. Please enforce this on your staff: cover ANY holes you create. It might also be a good thing to add some lights around the parking lot area. It is a bad idea right now not to be doing that. People could get hit and cars could do damage to other vehicles.

  • Megan Stanger
    Megan Stanger
    3 years ago

    New horizons aviation offers a discovery flight. This is an amazing and fairly inexpensive "experience" to give your child! The instructor was kind and let the kids chitter chatter on the headset as they looked around and saw cool things. They can't stop talking about it and I'm sure its something we will do again.

  • Curtis Drake Sr
    Curtis Drake Sr
    a year ago

    This place is great for local small businesses. Clients can jettison in and out for meetings with no time waiting in lines. Also a great place to take an airplane or helicopter flight. You can also just sit and watch planes come and go/take off and land

  • sellarsfive
    3 years ago

    Clean FBO and restrooms and excellent service. Hangar space available 👍Runway is well-maintained.

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