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Introduction to London Luton Airport

London Luton Airport (LLA) is one of the UK’s busiest airports, located just north of London. It serves as a major base for low-cost air travel and is popular among both business and leisure travelers.

Key Features of London Luton Airport

London Luton is known for its efficient operations and diverse flight offerings. It caters to a wide range of international and domestic flights. The airport is designed to facilitate quick check-ins and minimal walking distances.

Services at London Luton Airport

LLA offers various services to enhance passenger experience:

  • Shopping and Dining: A selection of shops and restaurants are available.
  • Luggage Services: Includes luggage trolleys, wrapping, and storage.
  • Car Rental Services: Multiple car rental agencies operate within the airport.

Transportation to and From London Luton Airport

Getting to and from LLA is easy with multiple transport options:

  • Train: The nearest station is Luton Airport Parkway, with shuttle bus service to the airport.
  • Bus: Regular bus services connect the airport to London and nearby areas.
  • Taxi: Taxis are readily available at the taxi rank outside the terminal.

Airport Facilities Table

Here’s a quick look at the facilities available at London Luton Airport:

Facility TypeDetails
Wi-FiFree access throughout the airport
LoungesSeveral lounges offer comfortable seating
Special AssistanceAssistance for passengers with disabilities

Why Choose London Luton Airport

Travelers prefer LLA for its convenient location and efficiency. The airport’s continuous improvement in facilities and services also makes it a preferred choice for many flying into or out of London.

Conclusion London Luton Airport is a key player in the UK’s travel infrastructure, providing essential services and facilities for a smooth and comfortable travel experience. Whether you’re starting your journey or arriving in the UK, LLA meets all your travel needs efficiently.

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This guide provides a straightforward overview of London Luton Airport, ideal for passengers looking for quick and essential information before they travel.



Google Reviews

18,104 reviews
  • Ashley
    6 months ago

    It's an okay airport, getting there is a bit frustrating depending on where you are coming from but the coach is often a good idea and can be easier when getting the train. That being said the staff have always been normal compared to other airports where staff can be a bit useless and rude. Being a bit on the smaller side can also be a bit of a relief if you're in a hurry. I don't like that the airport closes during the early hours though, if you turn up too early for your flight or don't have anywhere to sleep or miss a connection then you could find yourself sleeping on the floor.

  • S D
    S D
    3 weeks ago

    11 pm arrival was a real surprise. We had to walk an extreme distance down the road, then uphill, rolling our cases to find our cab. Totally exposed to the elements except for an occasional canopy over the walkway. Absolutely shameful setup. Families struggling with children, elderly struggling to walk that distance. Where are the shuttle buses? Luton was probably my favorite London Airport. Not now. I will search for flights elsewhere. EasyJet needs to step up and find a better solution for its customers, including speeding up the rebuilding of the car park

  • Enoch Olalude
    Enoch Olalude
    9 months ago

    An overall decent and well-designed airport. It caters to a significant number of airlines and destinations, and there are ample amenities onsite. There are cafes, restaurants, etc available for you while you wait, and baggage check seemed to move quickly. I found staff to be quite unfriendly though, and directions around the airport are not very precise and consistent.

  • Cameron Carnegie
    Cameron Carnegie
    7 months ago

    Decent experience, very busy at the time I went. (From 11 till 4). My flight was delayed by 2 hours, no idea whether that was airport or airline fault (was flying with Wizz Air). Stayed in the lounge which was great for about 2 hours and then a loud family came in with 5 children and still decided to get drunk. Got through security with no issues, was a quick process. I'd come here again if need be, average airport experience.

  • Alex Crisp
    Alex Crisp
    9 months ago

    One of the easiest and quietest airports I have used in my holiday travels. London Luton Airport has good facilities including toilets, nice restaurants, easy parking, shuttle buses, seating areas, and more. Staff are all pleasant and friendly, and boarding your plane and going through security is very easy and smooth. Would recommend this airport over others.

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