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Introduction to Blackbushe Airport

Blackbushe Airport (BBS) is located in Hampshire, England, and serves as a hub for general aviation. It’s popular among private pilots, flying schools, and aviation enthusiasts due to its accessibility and comprehensive facilities.

Key Features of Blackbushe Airport

The airport features a single asphalt runway suitable for a variety of aircraft, making it a versatile choice for many pilots. It is known for its friendly, community-focused atmosphere and its commitment to promoting general aviation.

Services at Blackbushe Airport

Blackbushe Airport offers a range of services to support its users:

  • Flight Training: Home to several flying schools providing pilot training.
  • Aircraft Maintenance: Facilities available for aircraft repair and maintenance.
  • Hangarage and Parking: Ample space for aircraft storage.

Transportation to and From Blackbushe Airport

Getting to and from Blackbushe is straightforward:

  • Car: Easily accessible by road with free parking available for visitors.
  • Bus: Local bus services connect the airport to nearby towns.
  • Taxi: Taxis can be booked to and from the airport with ease.

Airport Facilities Table

Here’s an overview of the key facilities at Blackbushe Airport:

Facility TypeDetails
Pilot ShopSupplies for aviation needs
CaféOffers food and drinks for visitors
Viewing AreaSpace for spectators to watch aircraft operations

Why Choose Blackbushe Airport

Blackbushe is favored by those who appreciate a less congested environment compared to larger commercial airports. Its focus on general aviation and pilot training makes it a community hub for aviation enthusiasts.


Blackbushe Airport offers a welcoming and supportive environment for general aviation. Its range of services and community focus make it a preferred choice for private pilots and those interested in aviation.

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This concise guide provides essential information about Blackbushe Airport, highlighting its services and advantages for the general aviation community.



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