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Introduction to Empty Leg

Empty Leg specializes in offering discounted private jet flights by utilizing empty return journeys of private jets. This service provides an opportunity for travelers to experience luxury air travel at significantly reduced prices.

Key Features of Empty Leg

Empty Leg stands out by providing cost-effective travel solutions in the private jet market. Their platform allows users to book seats on private jets that would otherwise return empty to their base, offering a sustainable and economical travel option.

Services Offered by Empty Leg

Empty Leg provides several key services to its clientele:

  • Empty Leg Flights: Deeply discounted rates on one-way private jet flights.
  • Private Jet Charter: Full-service charters for those needing bespoke travel arrangements.
  • Group Charters: Ideal for corporate outings or larger groups wanting privacy.

Private Jet Insurance Offered by Empty Leg

Each flight booked through Empty Leg comes with comprehensive insurance coverage that includes:

  • Liability Insurance: Protects against claims for bodily injury or property damage.
  • Hull Insurance: Covers damage to the aircraft during the journey.

Benefits of Choosing Empty Leg

Travelers choose Empty Leg for several reasons:

  • Significant Savings: Flights can be up to 75% cheaper than regular charters.
  • Luxury Experience: Access to the same high-quality amenities and services as full-price private jet flights.
  • Flexibility: Offers last-minute travel options to various destinations.

Summary Table of Empty Leg’s Key Services

Here’s an overview of the services provided by Empty Leg:

Service TypeDescription
Empty Leg FlightsDiscounted one-way journeys on private jets
Private Jet CharterCustomized full-price private jet experiences
Group ChartersPrivate jet travel for groups at competitive rates

Why Use Empty Leg

Empty Leg is a favorite among cost-conscious luxury travelers and those looking for spontaneous travel opportunities. Their service not only offers affordability but also maintains the exclusiveness and comfort of private jet travel.


Empty Leg provides a unique platform for accessing luxury private jet travel without the full cost. Their model of utilizing empty return flights maximizes efficiency and offers great deals, making luxury travel more accessible.

For more detailed information, visit

This guide highlights Empty Leg’s services, showing how they combine luxury with affordability to transform private jet travel.


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