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Clay Lacy Aviation revolutionizes private air travel with their innovative empty leg services, providing significant savings on luxury flights. With a commitment to exceptional service and cost-efficiency, Clay Lacy ensures a premium travel experience that’s accessible and affordable.

Key Features of Clay Lacy

Clay Lacy Aviation’s empty leg flights are available when private jets need to reposition or return to their base without passengers. Key features include:

  • Significant Cost Savings: Up to 75% off standard private jet charter prices.
  • Flexibility: Customize departure or arrival airports within specific regions.
  • Real-Time Availability: Access a live feed of available empty leg deals to seize the best opportunities.

Services Offered by Clay Lacy

Clay Lacy Aviation caters to various travel needs, providing tailored services for different types of travelers:

  • Business Travel: Efficient and luxurious travel solutions for executives.
  • Leisure Travel: Comfortable and stylish flights for personal trips and vacations.
  • Group Travel: Coordinated private jet travel for groups, ensuring seamless travel experiences.

Private Jet Empty Leg Service of Clay Lacy

At the core of Clay Lacy Aviation’s offerings is their empty leg service. These flights are available at a significantly reduced cost, making private jet travel more accessible. With Clay Lacy, you only pay for the leg you fly, offering an economical solution for luxury travel without compromising on quality.

Benefits of Clay Lacy

Choosing Clay Lacy Aviation’s empty leg services provides numerous advantages:

  • Cost Efficiency: Save up to 75% on travel costs.
  • Convenience: Avoid crowded airports, lengthy security checks, and delays.
  • Luxury: Enjoy the privacy and amenities of a private jet.
  • Time Savings: Travel on your schedule, directly to your destination without layovers.

Summary Table of Key Services of Clay Lacy

Service TypeFeaturesBenefits
Business TravelFlexible scheduling, in-flight amenitiesTime efficiency, productivity boost
Leisure TravelCustomized itineraries, luxurious cabinsComfort, relaxation
Group TravelCoordinated schedules, ample spaceConvenience, group cohesion
Empty Leg FlightsSignificant discounts, flexible routesCost savings, luxury experience

Why Use Clay Lacy Aviation?

Clay Lacy Aviation is dedicated to delivering an unparalleled private jet experience. Their empty leg services are particularly beneficial for those seeking luxury travel at a reduced cost. With a focus on customer satisfaction, flexible options, and a seamless booking process, Clay Lacy stands out in the aviation industry.


Clay Lacy Aviation’s empty leg services offer an exceptional opportunity to experience private jet travel at a fraction of the usual cost. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, these services provide luxury, convenience, and significant savings. Ready to elevate your travel experience? Visit Clay Lacy Aviation today and discover how you can save on your next journey.



Google Reviews

74 reviews
  • Erich Schaefer
    Erich Schaefer
    5 months ago

    Cassandra and her team at Clay Lacy are exceptional! From the expert level marshaling, we received on a taxi in to the “whatever it takes” service they gave us in the lobby and took care of my passengers, their service was second to none. We used to go to another FBO and now we only go to Clay Lacey.

  • Edward Jordan
    Edward Jordan
    2 months ago

    I just watched the following UTube video. How does a company allow this many employees to get involved in non company business while they are on the clock. Check the hours billed to the maintenance on your AC if you are crazy enough to use Clay Lacy. Count the number of employees involved in this video and the photographer was legal and did not break any laws.

  • Emily K
    Emily K
    6 months ago

    I didnt fly with Clay Lacy. I got lost trying to find Pegasus. A woman named Sarah helped me, my dog, & my driver figure out where we needed to be. That wasnt her job, but holy cow was she amazing. Sarah made my day & made sure I found where to go. Thanks to Sarah we made our international flight

  • adan alvarez
    adan alvarez
    a year ago

    My god! Such a DISGUSTING display of unprofessional and disrespectful employees. I agree that some of these so-called auditors are annoying in their practices, but to feed right into his behavior and even multiplied it tenfold. Grow up Clay Lacey Aviation! Shame on you!!

  • Flying Journalism
    Flying Journalism
    a year ago

    First and foremost, If you go and film anywhere to be a clown to provoke reaction from people, you will get treated like one. I have been here so many times as a pilot and get treated very well, the customer service is outstanding. Please disregard these spam 1 star reviews because these people have never seen the darkside of a cockpit or the executive seat of any aircraft other than their moms astrovan.

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