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Welcome to MSIG (Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group), your reliable partner for jet insurance solutions. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to customer satisfaction, MSIG offers comprehensive coverage and exceptional service to protect your aviation investments.

Key Features

  • Customized insurance plans tailored to meet your specific requirements.
  • Experienced team of aviation insurance professionals.
  • Efficient claims processing for minimal disruption.
  • Competitive rates without compromising on coverage.
  • Personalized service to address your individual needs and concerns.

Insurance Services Offered

MSIG provides a range of insurance services, including:

  • Hull Insurance
  • Liability Coverage
  • Passenger Injury Protection
  • Fleet Insurance
  • Aviation Risk Management Consultation

Private Jet Insurance

Private jet owners can rely on MSIG for specialized insurance coverage tailored to their needs. Our private jet insurance policies offer comprehensive protection against physical damage, liability, and more, ensuring your valuable investment is safeguarded at all times.

Benefits of Choosing MSIG

  • Peace of mind knowing your jet is fully protected.
  • Access to expert guidance from seasoned aviation insurance professionals.
  • Quick and efficient claims handling to minimize downtime.
  • Competitive rates designed to fit your budget.
  • Personalized service focused on building lasting relationships with our clients.

Summary Table of Key Services

Hull InsuranceProtection for physical damage to your jet, including accidents, theft, and vandalism.
Liability CoverageCoverage for bodily injury or property damage caused by your jet.
Passenger InjuryCoverage for injuries sustained by passengers while on board your jet.
Fleet InsuranceComprehensive coverage for operators with multiple aircraft.
Aviation Risk ManagementConsultation services to help minimize risks and improve safety practices.

Why Use MSIG

  • Tailored insurance solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Expert advice and guidance from industry professionals.
  • Prompt and efficient claims handling to keep you flying.
  • Competitive rates without sacrificing coverage.
  • Personalized service focused on building long-term relationships.


MSIG is committed to providing reliable jet insurance solutions that offer peace of mind to pilots and aircraft owners. With our comprehensive coverage options, experienced team, and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust MSIG to protect your aviation investments. Contact us today to learn more and experience the MSIG difference!



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180 reviews
  • Paul R
    Paul R
    7 months ago

    Great building. Great staff.

  • 銀座合同会計事務所棚澤税理士

    My vehicle got a flat tire in the Kamikochi area and I asked for a tow truck to be arranged.I asked them to arrange a rental car on the spot, but when the contact point was wrong, I called another department and the tow truck was sent. I arrived an hour later and called again to ask how the rental car arrangements were going, and I would make arrangements. What's going on with this insurance company? In a situation where the tow truck company is arranging a taxi, the insurance company is completely useless. If you can't arrange it, we won't be able to do it, so it's better for you to do it yourself. The woman at the Omiya branch said she could take a tow truck or a taxi home, but since arrangements were slow, she asked her boss to contact her.Finally, an hour later, Manager Hiramatsu called and told her to call him. Even though it is an emergency, there are 3 counters and it is not possible to make emergency arrangements. Even with online insurance, you won't find such a slow response. I returned to Tokyo for a taxi cost of 100,000 yen. If you call 30 minutes after riding the expressway and take a taxi, it will only cost you 20,000 yen per person. What are you saying about the slow response? I am grateful that I waited even though I was told I was sorry hundreds of times. They have to wait for hours in the mountains. For the first time, the contractor told me that I would not take the tow truck. The insurance company didn't say anything, just arranged for a tow truck, and didn't give any explanation. Almost two hours after I called, I was finally able to arrange a rental car. I'm on my way to Tokyo in a taxi. I'm disappointed to think that I ended up with such a crappy insurance company. I will cancel all insurance policies that I have for 4 cars with this company. This insurance company is completely useless in case of emergencies. An insurance company with zero emergency response. Handling the phone. Insurance companies that advertise on TV are great. worst

  • 柏354
    in the last week

    人それぞれ価値観があると思います。 我慢の限界なんで書かせてもらいます。 保険て安心を買うようなもんだと思っていました。 ですが、こちらの保険は不安でしかありません。 保険金請求しても1ヶ月以上かかるなんでザラ、こんな事だと分かっていたら、初めから加入してません。 ハッキリ言って加入しようと思っている方々、自分としては、おススメできませんね。 星なんか一つもつけたくありません。

  • あや(あやや)

    I would like to know how employee training is carried out. Don't you even know how to make a phone call? All the employees say. Poor attitude when answering the phone. And the response is slow. Answers under consideration each time. How many months should I consider? Because I'm not an amateur. Since that's what I get paid for, I want them to provide smooth customer service. As others have said, this is a company you can't trust. Other insurances are handled smoothly. If it were me, I would never join.

  • ko-chan84
    2 months ago

    Bicycle insurance is expensive now, so I want to save as much money as possible, so I compared various companies with almost the same guarantees etc. I changed my company to this bicycle insurance company and signed up for it. It's a major company, so you can feel safe and secure. I'm glad the warranty was good and it was easy to get one. Payment is by credit card only, but it went smoothly and was very helpful.

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