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Introduction to Chubb European Group

Chubb European Group is one of the leading providers of insurance products and services across Europe. Known for their comprehensive coverage solutions, they cater to individuals, businesses, and specialized sectors like aviation.

Key Features of Chubb European Group

Chubb stands out for its commitment to providing high-quality insurance products tailored to the specific needs of their clients. They are renowned for their customer-first approach and their ability to handle complex insurance scenarios.

Insurance Services Offered by Chubb European Group

Chubb European Group offers a variety of insurance services:

  • Personal Insurance: Coverage for homes, valuable possessions, and personal liability.
  • Business Insurance: Solutions for property, liability, and worker’s compensation.
  • Private Jet Insurance: Specialized insurance plans for private jet owners and operators.

Private Jet Insurance Details

Private jet insurance through Chubb includes:

  • Hull Insurance: Covers damage to the aircraft itself.
  • Liability Coverage: Protects against claims related to third-party injuries and property damage.

Benefits of Choosing Chubb European Group

Opting for Chubb European Group offers several benefits:

  • Tailored Insurance Solutions: Policies designed to meet the unique needs of each client.
  • Expert Claims Service: Chubb is known for its efficient and fair claims handling.
  • Global Reach: Support and coverage for clients worldwide, with a strong presence in Europe.

Summary Table of Chubb’s Key Services

Below is a quick overview of the services provided by Chubb European Group:

Service TypeDescription
Personal InsuranceCoverage for personal assets and liabilities
Business InsuranceComprehensive plans for various business needs
Private Jet InsuranceSpecialized aviation coverage

Why Use Chubb European Group

Clients turn to Chubb European Group for their extensive industry knowledge, commitment to service excellence, and the personalized nature of their insurance products. They are a trusted name in insurance, providing peace of mind through robust coverage options.


Chubb European Group offers an array of superior insurance products designed to protect a wide range of assets and investments. Whether you’re seeking to insure a private jet or need comprehensive business coverage, Chubb provides the expertise and support to keep your assets secure.

For more detailed information, visit

This guide gives an overview of Chubb European Group, highlighting their key services and the benefits of choosing them for your insurance needs, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to secure high-level insurance protection.


Google Reviews

128 reviews
  • Rita Guerboyan
    Rita Guerboyan
    a year ago

    They are one of the worst insurance companies and they are a scam kind of a insurance. Make sure not to book with transavia through their free cancellation option. Zero clearance in their terms and conditions and in case of cancellation they ask 1000 of reasons and they add specific reasons for the refund even tho you paid an extra money for the free cancellation and then again they never refund. Waste of time and "scam" based company with zero transparency. 1 star shouldnt even be an option.

  • Aitezaz Haider
    Aitezaz Haider
    3 years ago


  • C “DC” D
    C “DC” D
    2 months ago

    Be careful when signing up for a contract with the operator SFR. They will make you sign a contract then you will be deducted an amount every month. My experience: I signed a contract with the operator SFR in 2019 and they took out insurance for me with CHUBB EUROPEAN. When I canceled my SFR contract, the CHUBB EUROPEAN contract continued with the direct debits. Their arguments will be: we are independent of SFR. So it’s up to us as customers to do what is necessary. Forget the idea of ​​getting reimbursed. Pay attention to your samples!

  • Eric LACROIX
    Eric LACROIX
    2 months ago

    I have a double withdrawal of €15 each each month and have done so for several years. I was never able to determine what this corresponded to (despite numerous searches) given the very explicit wording of the direct debit "CHUBB EUROP.". I finally learned a few weeks ago that it was insurance taken out by SFR on my daughter's successive mobiles. This subject was never discussed with her and, above all, when changing mobile, she was never told that the previous insurance had to be canceled. After insisting "heavily" to get things moving, I obtained an agreement in principle for the reimbursement a posteriori of the fees unduly collected on the second contract. However, you still have to wait a month before the reimbursement is effective (this actually creates a little more cash flow for CHUBB...). However, there would be no possibility of going back on the first contract because I would have had to react more quickly. It's true if there had been a more explicit wording like "SFR insurance on mobile..." and I would have been able to understand what these deductions corresponded to. Bravo to the handling of customer incidents by CHUBB... I strongly recommend this service (it is derogatory) and I especially encourage all mobile users contracted with SFR to check carefully that they have not been "sold" insurance without mentioning it or taking it with full knowledge of the facts.

  • Elie Abdallah
    Elie Abdallah
    4 months ago

    I took out insurance for a flight with Transavia which I had to cancel. The reimbursement was made the day after my declaration, professionalism and remarkable speed guaranteeing the quality of the insurance company. I would without hesitation use this company for future flights. I recommend without hesitation. The only drawback (but I still keep 5 stars) is the difficulty of getting an agent by phone sometimes... You have to try at different times and over several days.

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