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Introduction to Avianca Services

Avianca Services, part of Avianca, provides comprehensive air travel solutions with a strong focus on safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Their extensive experience in the aviation industry makes them a trusted partner for business and leisure travelers.

Key Features of Avianca Services

Avianca Services is recognized for its commitment to providing reliable and efficient air travel. Their range of services is designed to meet various client needs, from personalized charters to cargo transport and aircraft maintenance.

Services Offered by Avianca Services

Avianca Services provides several key solutions for its clients:

  • Private Jet Charters: Bespoke air travel for business or leisure, ensuring maximum flexibility.
  • Cargo Transport: Safe and efficient movement of goods across international routes.
  • Aircraft Maintenance: Maintenance and repair services to keep aircraft in prime condition.

Private Jet Empty Leg Service

Avianca Services offers empty leg flights, providing travelers with affordable private jet travel opportunities. These flights are ideal for those with flexible schedules who want to experience private aviation at a discounted rate.

Benefits of Choosing Avianca Services

Choosing Avianca Services offers several significant benefits:

  • Global Network: Access to a vast network of destinations around the world.
  • Efficiency and Safety: Ensuring on-time flights and secure journeys.
  • Competitive Pricing: Affordable rates, especially with empty leg flights.

Summary Table of Avianca Services’ Key Offerings

Here’s an overview of Avianca Services’ main offerings:

Service TypeDescription
Private Jet ChartersFlexible and personalized air travel
Cargo TransportEfficient movement of goods internationally
Empty Leg FlightsCost-effective travel with discounted one-way flights

Why Use Avianca Services

Clients choose Avianca Services for their dedication to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Their strong network and comprehensive solutions ensure that each journey is smooth and convenient.


Avianca Services stands out in the aviation industry, offering a range of reliable and flexible air travel options. With Avianca Services, you can expect a seamless journey that meets your specific travel needs.

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This concise overview of Avianca Services highlights their comprehensive air travel offerings and how they cater to clients seeking efficiency and flexibility in aviation.


Google Reviews

208 reviews
  • Elizabeth Lawton-Matthews

    Worst long distance flying experience in my life. I reserved a window seat when I checked in and they changed it. I wasn’t even given a new boarding pass with the new seat number which meant I got on the plane not even knowing where to sit. They told me I needed proof of an onward flight before they would let me board (I’m travelling South America by bus and hitchhiking so I didn’t have), and that this was obligatory to enter Colombia. It’s not. It’s just a way for them to make sure they don’t have to deport you at their costs. When I argued this with the guy he was rude and dismissive. After I spent my money paying for onward travel they let me on without even checking it, so I wasted my money (I was right, I didn’t need it to enter the country). On the flight the facilities and service were terrible. The toilet light wasn’t working and it was covered in urine and used papers and wasn’t cleaned once during the flight (wish I had taken a picture, absolutely disgusting). The steward also told me if I wanted a glass of wine I’d have to get up and get it, which meant not only me getting up, but also meant disturbing the people in my row. When I asked him why he couldn’t bring it like on any other flight he told me “because then everyone will want me to bring them a glass of wine” lol what?!

  • Kyle
    a month ago

    Avianca has gone downhill. They are now worse than a budget airline without the budget prices. The business class seats are a joke , a repurposed middle seat with extra coffee table. Not even a drop of water from Bogotá to Mexico. Boarding process is ridiculously slow. Even need to put advertising in the seat in front of you , how low do you need to go. Unfortunately Avianca eating into all the good will they once had . I will now avoid flying with Avianca.

  • Sol Carmona
    Sol Carmona
    2 months ago

    Absolute worst airline I have ever used and I’ve used many. Unless you buy a checked luggage and carry on, be prepared to not be able to check in 24 hours before your flight and be prepared to be asked to wait on standby for hours at the gate with zero guarantee that you will get a seat. They’re a money hungry airline that will sell far more seats than they intend on using.

  • Ron Lupianez
    Ron Lupianez
    a week ago

    Piece of **** of an airline....NEVER fly this airline.... It is the international version of Spirit. Flight left Bogota made 10 circles before landing back in Bogota due to technical problems..... And no compensation for assigning the flight 5 hours later. Pathetic!!

  • Scott A. Nichols
    Scott A. Nichols
    a month ago

    I dislike this airline so much. I wish the CEO or someone with authority could fix it. Just visit Qatar or Emirates for a week. Then make the necessary changes. Your airline is horrible.

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