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Introduction to Aviasur

Aviasur is a premier private aviation company based in Chile, providing world-class services for business and leisure travelers alike. Their comprehensive offerings, including private jet charters and aircraft management, make them a leader in the Latin American aviation industry.

Key Features of Aviasur

Aviasur is recognized for its commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence. They maintain a modern fleet of aircraft and focus on delivering personalized services that meet each client’s unique travel requirements.

Services Offered by Aviasur

Aviasur provides several key aviation services:

  • Private Jet Charters: Customized travel options to help clients reach destinations efficiently.
  • Aircraft Management: Comprehensive solutions to streamline aircraft ownership.
  • Empty Leg Flights: Reduced rates on one-way flights that are returning empty to their base or heading to another destination.

Private Jet Empty Leg Service

Aviasur’s empty leg flights offer significant discounts for travelers seeking luxury travel at a fraction of the cost. Ideal for those with flexible schedules, these flights provide a perfect opportunity to experience private aviation affordably.

Benefits of Choosing Aviasur

Clients choose Aviasur for numerous reasons:

  • Personalized Service: Tailored flights that cater to individual preferences.
  • Global Reach: Access to destinations worldwide.
  • Safety and Reliability: Highly trained crew and well-maintained aircraft.

Summary Table of Aviasur’s Key Services

Here’s an overview of the services provided by Aviasur:

Service TypeDescription
Private Jet ChartersFlexible and efficient travel to global destinations
Aircraft ManagementFull-service management for private aircraft
Empty Leg FlightsCost-effective flights with discounted one-way travel

Why Use Aviasur

Travelers prefer Aviasur for their unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. They ensure a seamless flying experience, no matter the destination or travel purpose.


Aviasur stands out as a trusted name in private aviation, offering bespoke services that prioritize luxury, safety, and efficiency. With Aviasur, your next journey will be handled with precision and care.

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This guide provides a concise overview of Aviasur’s offerings, showcasing how they excel in private aviation through their comprehensive services and dedication to excellence.


Google Reviews

105 reviews
  • Dominique Valiton
    Dominique Valiton
    a year ago

    Very efficient, nice people. Excellent services. Nice premises

  • Diego Aguilar
    Diego Aguilar
    4 years ago

    The greatest FBO in southamerica.

  • Gonzalo Córdova
    Gonzalo Córdova
    6 months ago

    Recognized throughout the world for being a great FBO, congratulations.

  • Jorge Lemos
    Jorge Lemos
    3 months ago

    Excellence in service. Attention. Warmth. Solutions!!!!!

  • Felipe Rosales
    Felipe Rosales
    5 months ago

    The FBO is excellent, the facilities are comfortable, modern and functional.

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