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Welcome to AXA XL, where we specialize in providing top-tier jet insurance solutions. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, AXA XL is your trusted partner for protecting your aviation investments with comprehensive coverage and exceptional service.

Key Features

  • Customized insurance plans designed to meet your unique requirements.
  • Experienced team of aviation insurance professionals.
  • Efficient claims processing for minimal disruption.
  • Competitive rates without compromising on coverage.
  • Personalized service to address your specific needs and concerns.

Insurance Services Offered

AXA XL offers a comprehensive range of insurance services, including:

  • Hull Insurance
  • Liability Coverage
  • Passenger Injury Protection
  • Fleet Insurance
  • Aviation Risk Management Consultation

Private Jet Insurance

Private jet owners can rely on AXA XL for specialized insurance coverage tailored to their needs. Our private jet insurance policies provide comprehensive protection against physical damage, liability, and more, ensuring that your valuable investment is safeguarded at all times.

Benefits of Choosing AXA XL

  • Peace of mind knowing your jet is fully protected.
  • Access to expert guidance from seasoned aviation insurance professionals.
  • Quick and efficient claims handling to minimize downtime.
  • Competitive rates designed to fit your budget.
  • Personalized service focused on building lasting relationships with our clients.

Summary Table of Key Services

Hull InsuranceProtection for physical damage to your jet, including accidents, theft, and vandalism.
Liability CoverageCoverage for bodily injury or property damage caused by your jet.
Passenger InjuryCoverage for injuries sustained by passengers while on board your jet.
Fleet InsuranceComprehensive coverage for operators with multiple aircraft.
Aviation Risk ManagementConsultation services to help minimize risks and improve safety practices.

Why Use AXA XL

  • Tailored insurance solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Expert advice and guidance from industry professionals.
  • Prompt and efficient claims handling to keep you flying.
  • Competitive rates without sacrificing coverage.
  • Personalized service focused on building long-term relationships.


AXA XL is committed to providing reliable jet insurance solutions that offer peace of mind to pilots and aircraft owners. With our comprehensive coverage options, experienced team, and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust AXA XL to protect your aviation investments. Contact us today to learn more and experience the AXA XL difference!


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  • Shah Takvir
    Shah Takvir
    3 months ago

    Well maintained business center, most modern elevator systems which is quick and efficient. At the lower level, there is a very attractive, spacious, modern food court with various restaurants and food services. If you want a Starbucks, there is an outlet at main floor (one floor above). Good for having your own lunch and sit in the food court.

  • Alvi Dandal
    Alvi Dandal
    2 months ago

    Nice place to do walking exercises at the underground PATH especially during cold season with plenty of stores to shop and food to choose at different food court locations from Union Station to Yonge and Dundas...

  • Carlo Franco
    Carlo Franco
    a week ago

    There's a Starbucks that doesn't get too busy during office hours with friendly staff. The seating area adjacent to it is convenient for when I need to send off quick emails in between running from one meeting to another.

  • RKS
    a year ago

    Excellent place to browse with a great variety of shops. Like Harry Rossen, Indigo, Rexal, Judith & Charles, Brinks, New Balance and Longos Express. Two food courts with main on upper level and smaller one in lower level northwest corner. Combined they have a good selection. All very clean and well maintained.

  • P Kaur
    P Kaur
    6 months ago

    It's a great indoor mall in downtown Toronto with banks and offices integrated with shops and restaurants. Everything is glossy, clean, and shiny. The niche shops are sometimes tiny, but the choices each one offers make this 'place' second to none. There are plenty of eateries for vegetarians, and the options are plenty. You can find parking here at 118 York Street for $30 max, which is steep by any standard, but then again, this is downtown Toronto. Yet, I quite like this mall.

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