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Introduction to Nova Jet

Nova Jet is a distinguished provider in the private aviation sector, offering an array of specialized services including private jet charters, aircraft management, and aviation advisory services. Based in Canada, Nova Jet is dedicated to delivering top-tier travel solutions.

Key Features of Nova Jet

Nova Jet prides itself on a fleet of modern, well-equipped aircraft and a commitment to safety and client satisfaction. They tailor each flight to the individual needs of their clients, ensuring a personalized and luxurious experience.

Services Offered by Nova Jet

Nova Jet’s services are designed to meet a variety of client needs:

  • Private Jet Charters: Flexible and luxurious travel options.
  • Aircraft Management: Comprehensive management services that cover all aspects of aircraft ownership.
  • Aviation Consulting: Expert advice on aviation-related investments and operations.

Private Jet Empty Leg Service

Nova Jet also offers empty leg flights, providing more affordable options for experiencing private jet travel. These flights are ideal for those with flexible travel plans, allowing passengers to enjoy the luxury of private jets at reduced rates.

Benefits of Choosing Nova Jet

Clients choose Nova Jet for numerous benefits:

  • Exceptional Service: Customized care with attention to detail.
  • Extensive Reach: Access to global destinations.
  • Cost Efficiency: Competitive pricing on charter services, including empty leg offers.

Summary Table of Nova Jet’s Key Services

Here’s an overview of what Nova Jet offers:

Service TypeDescription
Private Jet ChartersPersonalized and luxurious air travel
Aircraft ManagementFull-service management for aircraft owners
Empty Leg FlightsDiscounted opportunities for one-way travel

Why Use Nova Jet

Nova Jet is favored for its reliability, luxury, and comprehensive service offerings. Whether traveling for business or leisure, Nova Jet ensures a seamless and sophisticated flying experience tailored to the specific needs of each client.


Nova Jet stands out in the private aviation industry for its exceptional services, offering everything from bespoke jet charters to expert aircraft management. With Nova Jet, passengers are guaranteed a superior and memorable travel experience.

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This concise guide introduces Nova Jet’s diverse range of services and highlights their commitment to excellence in private aviation, making them a top choice for discerning travelers.


Google Reviews

22 reviews
  • Gretchen Cooney
    Gretchen Cooney
    a year ago

    In early September we had a family illness while visiting Nova Scotia. I looked on Google for any possibilities to fly from Halifax to Bermuda, and Novajet appeared. I contacted them and they immediately responded to my email. They were able to find availability for me and at a reasonable cost. Within a few very short days my family were home. The experience from start to finish was very professional. I was informed at all times by phone calls and emails. The jet was perfect and the crew amazing. My family arrived home, having had a great experience too. Thank you!

  • Shelly Losani
    Shelly Losani
    a year ago

    Well Recommended. We had an all around great experience from beginning to end. The staff was fantastic , the plane top notch and we will definitely fly with Nova Jet again

  • Denise Howell
    Denise Howell
    2 years ago

    I needed to rent their private jet charter at the last minute since I needed to fly to a destination wedding and my family and I were unable to get commercial plane tickets in time. Because it was a close family member's wedding, we were all required to attend. I was considering taking a chartered flight route when they appeared in my search results. I spoke with them, and they were ready to fly us all down despite the short notice. We enjoyed a comfortable flight because the aircraft was properly kept and the pilot was very skilled. We had a great time together.

  • Lars Krahl
    Lars Krahl
    6 years ago

    I fly a lot to meet my business partners in person, sometimes I have to be in more than 1 location within a day! This is where Novajet company and its fast private charters and customized solutions come into play. Impressive job, good luck to you guys!

    7 months ago

    Great group of people to deal with! Would definitely recommend and return

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