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Introduction to Helisul Aviation

Helisul Aviation is a prominent provider of helicopter and private jet services based in Brazil. They specialize in scenic tours, air charter services, and aerial solutions, providing unique travel experiences for business and leisure clients.

Key Features of Helisul Aviation

Helisul Aviation stands out for its commitment to safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. With a well-maintained fleet of helicopters and jets, they provide a range of services tailored to meet the needs of their diverse clientele.

Services Offered by Helisul Aviation

Helisul Aviation offers a variety of high-quality air travel services:

  • Scenic Helicopter Tours: Explore Brazil’s stunning landscapes from above with curated tours.
  • Helicopter and Private Jet Charters: Tailored travel solutions to reach destinations quickly and comfortably.
  • Aerial Solutions: Comprehensive aerial services, including filming and agriculture.

Benefits of Choosing Helisul Aviation

Clients choose Helisul Aviation for many compelling reasons:

  • Safety and Reliability: A strong safety record and well-maintained aircraft.
  • Personalized Service: Travel arrangements tailored to individual needs and schedules.
  • Extensive Reach: Access to a wide network of destinations across Brazil.

Summary Table of Helisul Aviation’s Key Services

Here’s an overview of Helisul Aviation’s main offerings:

Service TypeDescription
Scenic Helicopter ToursCurated tours showcasing Brazil’s landscapes
Helicopter/Private Jet ChartersFlexible air travel tailored to client needs
Aerial SolutionsAerial filming, agriculture, and other services

Why Use Helisul Aviation

Travelers choose Helisul Aviation for their dedication to excellence, personalized services, and a strong focus on safety. Whether you’re seeking breathtaking tours or efficient charters, Helisul ensures every journey is unique and memorable.


Helisul Aviation remains a leader in providing helicopter and private jet services in Brazil. With their extensive services and attention to detail, they guarantee a superior travel experience that prioritizes safety, comfort, and luxury.

For more detailed information, visit

This concise guide introduces Helisul Aviation’s comprehensive offerings, making it a valuable resource for travelers seeking exceptional private air travel services.


Google Reviews

711 reviews
  • Soraya Teffaha
    Soraya Teffaha
    a month ago

    This is a must go if you are visiting Foz do Iguassu. Best time to go before lunch time, so you won’t feel dizzy. Also the sun is shining perfectly at the waterfalls, so the view is clean and shiny.

  • Wilson Foo
    Wilson Foo
    6 months ago

    Great way to get an aerial view of Iguazu Falls. Within minutes after take off we are there and the pilot banks over several times so that passengers on both sides of the cabin can get great pictures. After the experience, a video and printed pictures are available for purchase.

  • Ani Panayotova
    Ani Panayotova
    a month ago

    Very bad experience. They do not explain you anything upfront. There are 6 seats available and only the one that got lucky to be at the front can see something. The person in the middle cannot see anything. Also the seats that are backward facing cannot see much. The total flight is so quick, so that you see the waterfall two times and then you are back. This is total tourist trap and I do not recommend it at all + the price is quite high - $120. And make sure you pay in Brazilian reals otherwise they will take you 20% more in dollars

  • JayBBlogs
    6 months ago

    This was a bucket list experience seeing the Iguazu Falls having a huge major rain event, which closed the Argentinean side for 4 days- that had never happened before and also ended up closing the Brazilian side also. The helicopter ride was approximately 10mins with 6 passengers and the pilot who was amazing, taking us for a look at how wide the river became, seeing the walkways covered by water, and the volumes of water going over the fall's. Although I was sitting in the back in the middle, still ample room to see and plenty of opportunity to film and take pictures of the river and fall's. There was also approximately 1.5hr wait to go on the helicopter, and there is a Cafe and souvenirs shop whilst you are waiting. The cost was USD145, which was very reasonable and worth every cent. Highly recommended 👌

  • Diana Nanova
    Diana Nanova
    2 months ago

    Helisul is very professional, safe, well organised etc. However, I don't think it's worth the money (610R$ if you buy your tickets directly there) to do the flight. The 10 min in total (maybe like 2 min above the waterfalls) are really way too short to grasp and enjoy the view from above. It does feel like a conveyor belt with flights leaving all the time in-out. Take your time to do the boat ride on either side, that's definitely more exciting.

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