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Pilot Law, P.C.: A Beacon in Aviation Law

Pilot Law, P.C. stands out in the aviation law landscape. Led by Mr. Lawler, his career spans decades in the United States Marine Corps and civilian aviation. This foundation sets the stage for unparalleled legal expertise in aviation matters.

Understanding Aviation Law

Aviation law demands more than just legal know-how. It’s about:

  • A deep dive into engineering and aeromechanics.
  • Mastery over FAA protocols and safety measures.

Cases often revolve around aviation accidents, pointing to pilot errors, maintenance lapses, and faulty equipment.


Mr. Lawler brings a rich tapestry of experience:

  • Skilled in handling aviation accidents and FAA enforcement actions.
  • A career enriched by military and civilian aviation insights.

His role in investigating military aircraft accidents adds a unique layer to his professional profile.

Unique Insight

With over 2,000 hours of flight experience, Mr. Lawler’s approach is distinctive:

  • A seasoned investigator in military aviation mishaps.
  • A trusted advisor in commercial and general aircraft issues.

His perspective enriches Pilot Law, P.C.’s legal services, offering a nuanced understanding of aviation complexities.

Advocacy for Aviation Professionals

Pilot Law, P.C. champions the rights of aviation professionals:

  • Defending against FAA actions.
  • Supporting aircraft owners, pilots, and businesses across the industry.

Aligned with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the firm prioritizes the protection and advancement of aviation interests.

In essence, Pilot Law, P.C. embodies a blend of deep legal and aviation knowledge, led by Mr. Lawler’s extensive experience. This synergy positions the firm as a pivotal resource for anyone navigating the aviation legal system.

Google Reviews

22 reviews
  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes
    3 weeks ago

    Mr. Lawler was outstanding throughout the entire process. After I was let go from my job after attending Annual Training, I reached out to him and he was all over it. He was always very clear of what he needed and what each step of the process would look like. Very fortunate to have had him represent me.

  • Brandi
    3 months ago

    Pilot Law really cares about achieving the best outcomes for their clients! This team makes every effort to maximize efficiency and improve the quality of their outcomes and it surely shows! Great work Brian and team!

  • Amy Prince
    Amy Prince
    9 months ago

    Brian and Kevin took my case after a Denver employment firm dropped it. I am very pleased with the outcome. If you believe your USERRA rights have been violated please consider Pilot Law before seeking out an attorney versed in “employment law.” These guys have decades of experience and Kevin is meticulous with details, he doesn’t miss a thing!

  • Alexandra Cunningham
    Alexandra Cunningham
    7 months ago

    After I was fired for going to drill, it took me months of looking & speaking to several lawyers to find the right firm. Brian and another USERRA expert, Kevin Wilson, are gifted professionals in this field. They are service members themselves & speak the military/reserves language most employment lawyers don’t understand. They told me all the info they needed, handled putting together the facts, serving my former employer, and patiently went back and forth for weeks against a HUGE defense contracting company’s legal team. They were complete professionals, and I could not be happier with how the case was settled to the satisfaction of both parties. They advised me well, communicated everything fully (and in a way that a non-legal professional could easily understand), and were very kind. If you are a service member and believe your USERRA rights have been violated, speak with Brian & his team at Pilot Law!

  • Dan Taylor
    Dan Taylor
    a year ago

    Brian and Kevin provided sound and accurate legal counsel that enabled me to successfully resolve a legal concern. Pilot Law provided a complete service that enabled me to have peace of mind and confidence in the staff. Brian understood my concerns and intent, he accurately represented me throughout the legal concern. His sound advice and actions enabled a favorable and timely resolution. I highly recommend Pilot Law.

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