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How To Find A “Perfect” Charter Broker

How To Find A “Perfect” Charter Broker

Are you a frequent air traveler…? Haven’t you tried out charter flights for your professional or private travel needs.? Or had a bad experience using charter service. The best and simplest way of solving these issues is to hire a charter broker on your side. You may find so many charter brokers, but in order to make a “perfect” air travel, you will need to hire a “perfect” charter broker So, Let’s discuss several key points on how you choose a charter broker to experience a better charter service.


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Today, Air travel has become a basic need for many people around the world. Not like the old days, the barriers for private jet traveling had diminished due to the human evolution with industrial and technological advancement. The introduction of charter flight service has given many more travelers to optimize their life routine. Public charter, Special event tours, affinity, and single entity charter in charter flight service enable air travel easier giving you comfort, luxury, time effectiveness, and accessibility rather than flying in a regular air carrier.

It will of course cost you extra but you need to make sure that you will get the best service for every penny you are spending. To do so, you need to do some due diligence and also need to cover some aspects. The need for an individual broker or firm comes at this point. They act as a matchmaker for your charter needs with an air carrier/ operator licensed under regulatory authority in which you can focus only on the traveling requirement. Keep in mind that a broker does not operate or own the aircraft and is not bound for any regulatory rules but he/she may have been trained by broker firms.


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As we already know that the broker works between passengers and the private jet owner, it is your responsibility to know what are the necessary details you request or given by a broker. Normally the broker will give you or have the knowledge on the following aspects when you inform your travel requirements.


The detail about the charter operators and the experience related to charter service is the first point to know. Apart from the above, the following factors need to be considered to ensure you are traveling in safe hands.

  • The charter flight certification per relevant regulatory body, the type and the no. of aircraft operating.
  • Recent audits carried by third-party organizations and audit findings.
  • Insurance coverage, policies, and limits.
  • Recent customer ratings and complaints.

These factors need to consider after you have filtered your requirements such as aircraft type, destination, date etc.


It is not a good practice to choose the popular charter operator for your preferred private jet in the charter list. You need to have an idea about the aircraft condition also. That means your broker also has to know the following aspects of the aircraft.

  • Aircraft is fully airworthy condition. (Certification by regulated personnel/ authority)
  • Flight crew, Cabin crew experience.
  • Especial medical equipment installed in case of emergency. (Stretchers, AED, EMK)
  • Maximum luggage capacity.
  • Especial facilities and service, etc.

Apart from the above main factors, the broker should give you the detail and assist you during an inadvertent cancellation or delay occurs. Ask the actions carried out by the broker and the operator in an event of flight cancellation.  It is always good to know these before booking the flight.


charter flight

The technological development of chartering a jet means a simple thing. But there are several factors to be considered when chartering a jet because it’s your money. You will be able to find lists of charter broker/ broker companies on sites such as, The popular Charter companies include their jet fleet and offer brokage such as VISTAJET, GLOBEAIR, JETSUITE, JETTLY, and VICTOR. Keep in mind that the above is only for your reference and guidance but you need to have a bit of research on them depending on which location and the travel requirement. Not only the money, but your life is also at risk if you didn’t consider the following facts when chartering a jet. Your charter broker is now one phone call away.  But always keep in mind to certify the above-mentioned facts when you discuss the flight.

You can’t rely on what the broker says. Not only that don’t pick a broker randomly whenever you find it through online or social media. It’s always precious to find out about your charter broker. Just search into the history of the broker, what is his place when compared with other similar companies, what operations he has taken throughout his journey, any incidents that caused, level of expertise in the field of aviation, years of experience, any enforcement/lawsuits against the broker.

The best broker is always available 24/7 and informs you of the cost-effective, competitive quotes from operators which will suit your charter requirement. An experienced broker has a network of charter operators and their deals in his hands. Some brokers have been given special training & courses by the broker firms. A well-trained and educated broker knows how to assist you in a smart way than others. Contact a recent charter traveler in your contact list or ask a friend about the hired broker. Try to reach the broker or broker office if it is reachable for you. It will give you confidence in the broker service. Compile a checklist including above mention key points and sort the best broker for your charter requirement.


Considering the above key points we discussed, you will have sound knowledge on how to choose a perfect broker for your charter needs. The ultimate goal is to travel safely on your journey with better luxuries jet comfort for every money you’ll spend. Don’t think too much about the broker charge but be aware of the current rates. You will need only to choose the perfect broker and he will take care of you until you safely land at your destination. The only thing you need to do is pack your bags and wait for the date. It is the easiest and most efficient way of experiencing best-relaxed charter flight service.



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