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Top Tips on How to Become a Professional Pilot

Top Tips on How to Become a Professional Pilot

Are you dreaming to become a pilot…? well, it is indeed a prestigious career in the world, but it is not an easy task. You need to grow the right skill set and work hard to make it a reality. Here are some tips for you to initiate your plan on becoming a pilot.


self preparation become a pilot

Prepare yourself for the goal. Always ask why you choose this carrier…? Don’t deceive yourself over privileges, salary, and uniforms. Start climbing the ladder if you truly have a passion for aviation.

Always do research, be alert on aviation news, magazines. Dig into the aviation industry and familiarize carrier background from the beginning.

Scan yourself. Figure out the skills that you have already. Clear communication, situational awareness, team working skills, the ability to remain calm, Decisiveness & quick thinking are the common skills of a professional pilot.  Grow these within yourself and improve them furthermore.

Prepare for health while you train the brain. You will face many medical examinations before you apply for licenses. Normally to apply for PPL, CPL, ATPL you need to hold 3rd,2nd & 1st Class medical certificates separately. So, to pass these tests, you will need to concern about health too.


flight training

After you prepare yourself and are ready for your career journey, the first move is to find the best flight school which suits you. Currently, there are two types of professional flight training. Integrated and Modular phase. Research more on these phases and choose wisely which phase you are going to train. Keep in mind that, the faster route does not always give you the best results.

Research flight training schools and their training criteria. Ask pilots or trainee pilots learnt from different flight schools and get their feedback. Visit the local CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) website and find the list of approved training organizations.


This is the main hurdle for a trainee pilot in his/her carrier life. You need to concern more on this, if not you will end up losing both your money and your carrier.

Many commercial airlines recruited pilot officer cadets and train them by giving training loans with a position of a cockpit and aircraft type rating at the end. The training loan is to be deducted by salary. This is indeed a better way as this would not risk you financially. But there is a huge competition for such enrollment as more students are applying for the cadet positions. So be alert on such enrollment in major airlines.

If you have a professional education in the aviation industry, it will be a plus point for you. Always prepare a plan B for what you have planned.


aviation industry

Believe in yourself and what you are doing, don’t give up on your dreams until you reach them. Always try to acquire more knowledge on your course and be patient. Experience you gain in each step will raise you to the top of the ladder. It is not easy but not too difficult. The effort you put in every second towards your goal will not be a waste until you make your dream job a reality.



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