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Okay, for once I guess we’re allowed to talk about ourselves. After all, its the Indian Republic Day, and when everyone who has done something for the nation gets a pat on their back, we, part of the silent army, revolutionizing aviation (though not yet to the extent of those who have done something for the nation), would like to feel proud of ourselves.

And we are.

We have a flight simulator built, and when its not being used for research & development, we get requests for kids to use them. Of the 60+ kids that have been part of a program that we’ve conducted, called the “Aeroflyer”, 22 were hand picked by the Department of Science and Technology, and sent across to The Flying Engineer’s commercial entity (to do with flight simulators and allied services, Flightrix), to give them an exposure to aviation.

We are proud to have done or bit for the society.

This video below captures what we’ve done, and what we like to do: promote aviation. We’re not necessarily pushing kids into becoming pilots: our activities stimulate the engineer in them, as well. We need bright aerospace engineers, to go beyond the only two type certificates issued by the DGCA: Hansa 3, and ALH Dhruv, both of which are snubbed by the citizens of the very country that’s produced it, for some obvious and not-so-obvious reasons.