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Glass_vs_AnalogFor an upcoming article, which includes a research study by a pilot from ERAU (Embry Riddle Aeronautical University), and the thoughts of an experienced captain flying the caravans in India, we at The Flying Engineer would like to understand how many of us have a glass experience, and how many analog (traditional) instrumentation exposure, as a pilot. We wish to understand the exposure you had, when undergoing flying training for a CPL.

If you do have airline experience, please limit the responses to your training period only.

Please take a minute to fill up this simple survey. Please make sure your selected choice is honest, as the results gathered here will be displayed for all to see, giving valuable insights.

Usually, pilots from a particular flight school have a single type cockpit experience (example: NFTI, Chimes, GMR-APFT), where they have an all-glass fleet. Pilots from IGRUA, for example, are mixed: some are mostly analog, some have an equal mix, and some are mostly glass experienced.