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If you thought general aviation in India is pretty much dead, you’re partly right.

For the second time, the State Election Commission has employed the services of Meghalaya Paragliding Association to fly low and slow over various cities and towns, flying a banner and dropping pamphlets from the air. The banner and pamphlets carried a message: urging everyone to exercise their right to vote.

Here is a short video that shows you some of the sights and places we enjoyed during our month long campaign at Karnataka. We flew a paramotor trike manufactured by Albatross Flying Systems, Bangalore, and flown by a very skilled pilot: Nikolai Singh, from Meghalaya Paragliding Association.

We flew not just ourselves, but the Deputy Commissioners of various districts, such as Karwar, Belgaum, Koppal, Tumkur, Davangere. We also flew the SP of Police, Tumkur. All flights were with the coordination and support of the local police, government, Air Force, and Air Traffic Control.

Enjoy the 2 minute video!

*SVEEP: Systematic Voters’ Education And Electoral Participation.