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In India, sport flying is difficult to engage in. Security clearances, and associated permits are nothing short of a headache, and a persistent nightmare.

But the scene is entirely different when the Government wants you to fly at their “behest”. The permissions are omnipresent. Questions aren’t asked; rather, requests are entertained, and VIP security provided. The security is needed, and the flying is not only exciting, it is rare, and one of its kind in the country.

The Election Commission is finding more and more innovate ways in which it can grab the attention of those who never vote. To those who have lost faith in the system, innovative ways of wooing voters to the booth are welcome, and helps give the much needed boost to activities that are otherwise sidelined. Such as powered para gliding (PPG).

All the flights conducted by Nikolai’s Meghalaya Paragliding Association are flown with Air Defence Clearances (ADC) and FLight Information Clearances (FIC). At any point of time, the Indian Air Force is always aware of where he is flying, making all his activities more than legal. Further, he is India’s only Paraglider / paramotor pilot to be DGCA recognized.

Enjoy Few Photos of our flying at Karwar beach, and one amazing shot depicting flying over the DC’s Office.

Checking out the beach before he decides to use it for a take off!

Checking out the beach before he decides to use it for a take off!

Flying over the DC's Office, Karwar.

Flying over the DC’s Office, Karwar.

Just seconds before touchdown!

Just seconds before touchdown!

"Flying near the coast is very dehydrating!"

“Flying near the coast is very dehydrating!”