BDAYI know I’ve turned a year older, and I can no longer hide my white hair.

Friends can turn a dull day bright. I had my phone switched off the whole day, yesterday, to enjoy a nice, peaceful, and lazy day on my birthday. Well, friends had other plans.

An amazingly super person from Honeywell set out to make a video. A video that would capture a few words from some of the closest ones. And that one person did a superb job; a real good job.

My friends from my former employer, Honeywell, featured in the video. So did some good members from my Aerospace Lighting team: Optical, Mechanical, Electrical, wishing me in chorus! My professor and former head of Department at the University where I earned my electrical degree,  my beloved cousin brother who, from the other side of the earth, did bear the cold to record a nice video; the 1 year+ adorable son of a very, very good friend, wishing me in front of the webcam; my super-well informed Lufthansa Regional friend who helped me pen the Q400 vs ATR article, and of course, the ones whom I owe everything to: my parents.

I thank everyone who managed to call me, Whatsapp me, SMS me: You all are kind, very, very kind. One commander who has been my guiding light, whom I have known from the days of 2 stripes to the 4 of a well respected commander. Never to forget the wonderful, big-hearted man who has made many (almost all) my aerospace projects a reality, and has guided me in business. And many more wonderful people, none of whom may be thanked in just a few words.

To those who forgot: I know you had to “perform” at your airline, and you are forgiven!

Thank you, everybody, for making the 25th March of 2013 a day to remember. And for making me wiser, stronger, bigger. You know who you are, and I love you all.

Saving the best for the last: Thank you, my beloved one: Without you, I couldn’t have walked so far.

Blue Skies, and Happy Landings!