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After spending a good number of years at Honeywell, I tendered in my resignation recently. Very soon, my service with the company will be in the book of its former employees.

The time spent there was worth every minute. I learnt so much, and I must say, it’s an excellent place to work. The flexibility I saw was tremendous, and I go to work on Flight Management Systems, Aircraft Exterior Lights (both as an electronic and optical engineer), and on Flight Simulators (both as the integrator,and as the “Chief Pilot / Chief Instructor”).

During the course of these years of service, I also filed a United States Patent Application. You may view that here:


Things have been regrettably slow on the blogging/article front. This is primarily due to two reasons. One, I have submitted 4 articles to the magazine I print for, SP’s Airbuz. A lot of effort was spent in writing these articles, but till they get it published, I can;t publish it here. Of course, I can modify the content and paste it, but that is unnecessary effort.

The second reason is my resignation. Although I leave Honeywell armed with relevant aviation experience, I now am starting off on my own. To brave oneself into this takes some homework, and courage. I spent my efforts towards these.

So what am I upto now? I will be entering the field of Flight Simulators, and Aerospace Education. These two ventures will allow me to exercise my rich aviation experience and put it to practice: for others to benefit, that is, the younger generation.

Of course, quality articles will follow. But you all must remember: I never sacrifice quality, and quality comes at the price of time.

Thank you for your support!