Not long after the first flight of the “sharklet” equipped A320 did Airbus go public with the news of it suing Aviation Partners for demanding royalties for the Airbus’s “sharklets“.

The sharklets are very similar to the patented blended winglet design of Aviation Partners Inc. Infact, Airbus in 2009 was evaluating the Aviation Partners Inc’s winglets on MSN0001, the same A320 that flew on the last day of November on its maiden flight with the winglets.

Thompson Reuters has an article here:

This news has come right when I was in the middle of my A320-B738 comparison for fuel burn and other figures. I am glad to have laid my hands on relevant documentation!

A very kind and very experienced Boeing 767 captain sent me a mail with comments on my LOT 767 article, providing his insight into the turn on events on the 1st of November based on his knowledge of, experience on the airplane. His comments shall be posted soon.

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