Today was a wild goose chase of 737-200 photos online. I just needed to satisfy my seemingly unquenchable thirst: How did they fly that beast?

Its more about the automation that bothers me. Was their climb profile followed based on charts? How did they navigate when out of Navaids? (I dont remember seeing an INS). How dd they manage without an A/T? There is so much that I need to know, but I dont seem to find any 732 pilot who can satisfy my wild hunger for this info.

Until I stumbled across a promising man, “longhauler”:

I also stumbled across Hemant Bhana, an airline pilot whose written a good thesis on automation complacency. His research is extensive, but the key takeaway points are, well, key. You may read his work here:

Downloaded quite a bit of NASA’s research work on pilots transitioning to glass cockpits. Its an old study: the days when the world witnessed the 767/757 and 737 “Glass cockpits” (Truly, semi glass cockpits).

And again kept scouring through 732 photos, especially those of Sriwijaya Air.

And if you really want to see a good video on the 732, I suggest you see both parts:

Good night folks, I’ve had a brilliant day today! Blue Skies!