I’ve kicked off project “The Cockpit Evolution” (TCE)with a good friend who knows graphic design. Sifting through my huge database, I guess I have enough material; too much infact! And as a result, I need to sit down and order it, chronologically.

Project TCE is aimed at developing a small video: long enough for the necessary details, yet short enough to keep the attention of the viewer. There will be two parts:

Part I:

The construction of the 737-200 cockpit (Basic): Gradually, we shall “make” the 737 cockpit, from the angle of need. The importance and need for every instrument shall be explained before placing each such instrument/device/system in the cockpit. This way, people would get to understand why the system exists in the first place.

In the end, a complete 737-200 cockpit will be constructed on simple video.

Part II:

Based on part I, the video will demonstrate how we remove few cockpit indicators and instruments and gradually replace them with more modern instruments till we arrive at today’s NGs.

Project TCE is going to take a hell lot of time, and will see my activity on this webpage sharply fall. I’ll probably come online only when I need a break, but otherwise: Its Project TCE just so that you may enjoy a nice video.

Video shall be non profit and viewable by all.

Wish me luck, guys!

(As I type this, my right index finger is badly swollen probably due to a microscopic foreign object that managed to penetrate my skin while at work.)