Woke up to a brilliant morning and a nice winter sun. Winter in this part of the world isn’t snow, but it a pleasant 16 degrees or slightly lower.

Done with my walk, I came back full of ideas. I opened my mailbox, and saw two mails: One from Pat Boone of Boeing 737 “Management Reference Guide” (http://www.b737mrg.net/). I had sent him a mail asking about the Boeing 737 VSD. Few doubts that I had got clarified, and I must thank him for his patient explanation, admiring him for his excellent technical grasp of things.

I had also asked about the Boeing 737-200s, and how flying has changed since then till the NGs of today. Capt Boone has flown all the 737 high level family members: the Originals, the Classics, and now the NGs. His 25 years of flying is something!

I had another mail, and this was from a pretty lady first officer who recently left the ATRs for the 320s, switching airlines. I wanted to understand the Airbus Training as she saw it, including the initial feeling of a fly by wire aircraft that claims to operate in “normal” law but is in effect, abnormal to the uninitiated. Some work to do out there!

Was pleasantly surprised to discover that Capt Richard de Crespigny, under whose command the Qantas 32  that had an uncontained #2 failure was brought back safely to terra ferma, is following me on twitter. Yes, it brings a smile to me.

Manipal Institute of Technology wants me to serve them as a visiting faculty member for avionics. their new Aerospace Engineering department needs someone to do the job well and right. Sitting down to preparing a proposal. Lets see how it goes.

And ofcourse, a nice long bike ride into the setting sun awaits.

Quite a packed Sunday, huh? Its fun!