Today’s been a real good day. Very Good indeed.

Carried an FMS CDU in my hand. Was a real wonderful experience to be able to do that.

Evaluated Project Magenta’s 737NG software as well. Now that was a shame. Strung a flight of 455NM, and the way in which it constructed the flight path, and targeted speed restrictions was disappointing.

Juan BOG's photo showing the VSD on the 737's Captain's ND.Got sucked into a gripping photo on Do you see something different on the Captain’s ND? Well, it was way back in 2003 that Boeing started offering Vertical Situation Display as an option for new 737NGs, and as a retrofit for the then in service 737NGs. I doubt it has caught on much, but for operators who fly into terraneous regions, this is a valuable tool. Which really catapults the safety value of the B737 in comparison to the A320. Good safety, but the problem: its not standard.

Wonderful real on the article by Boeing on how they went about in deciding on the features of interest. Let me piece something together.

Good night folks. It 9:11pm here.