Okay, I was given the task of setting up a flight simulator. “Big Deal” thought I, “I’ve done it 5 times before”.

The architecture was totally different. the FMS was ultra thin. “Whats going on”, wondered I. The control columns were here, the panel displays, but the FMS?

So, curiosity kills the CAT (III?). I was eager to see what was behind the thin little FMS. No name. No marking. No idea who had manufactured the thin little, Smiths like CDU for the 737 sim. Who could it be? Well, lets power it on!

FMS...look closer! (next Image)

And on power up, good lord! Do you see what I see? Can you believe that? Can you?

You better. A marvelous piece of hardware for Project Magenta by Cockpit Sonic. So much for my experience. Caught off guard. totally!

Enjoy the pics! 🙂



IP address on an FMS? LOL!