So what really happened?

March 22nd was when I had excitedly begun a blog on aviation. That was A good blog of mine that died a natural death. And why natural? Well, because I got busy with a hobby of making aircraft lights, and also got buy with my articles that get published with SP’s Airbuz (Click Here to read the Exclusive Civil Aviation Magazine in India). And lets just say that I was getting to know myself better.

But the March 22nd I mention is that of 2010!

So after Spicejet invited me to be one of the first persons on the country to fly the Q400, I wanted to pen down the experience for everyone to read. It was then that I thought to myself, “Sheesh! I’ve lost my focus!”.

No more. The blog is back, but better formatted in wordpress. And my areas of interest are very clear.

For aviation, of aviation, and by aviation,

The Flying Engineer.