2014-03-25: Idea Conceived by The Flying Engineer as an academically-only driven project.

2014-03-26: Idea run through with an ATR72 rated pilot, ATR72 rated engineer, and a design engineer with an engine manufacturer.

2014-03-29: Project named ATR9X. Hosted on

2014-03-29: Crude workflow added to “Introduction”.

2014-03-29: Preliminary requirements as captured by The Flying Engineer populated in “Introduction

2014-03-30: Populated the ATA chapters covering Fuselage, Wings, Windows and Stabilizers under “Introduction“.

2014-04-06: After studying the fuselage of the CRJ900, E190 and ATR72, published preliminary findings of the fuselage in the page titled “Fuselage“.

2014-04-07: Derived / estimated expected cabin width and cabin length under “Fuselage“.