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Oxford Dictionary:
about prep. & adv. 1 concerning. 2 approximately. 3 surrounding. 4 in circulation.

1. Concerning

Concerning me, I am a freelance aviation journalist / author for SP’s Airbuz, the only exclusive civil aviation magazine in India. I also am an aerospace designer, and a flight simulator instructor. I was formerly employed with Honeywell, but now completely on my own.

In 2011, I developed and installed 5 Boeing 767-type fixed base flight simulators, intended for systems training for its designers / developers working on aerospace products. I was also part of a program which attempts to bridge the gap between engineers and modern avionics and airliner systems.

My focus of more than a decade has seen me at airline dispatch, airport facilities (NDB, VOR, ILS, Radars, and ATC), aircraft maintenance, airline training (simulator centres using CAE and Thompson Level-C FFS), avionics system development, teaching (aircraft systems), and aircraft system design.

Previously used to blog at For want of my own space a professional formatting, I have moved here.

2. Approximately

Everything technical in aviation. But strong focus on:

  • Aircraft Performance and Economy
  • Flight Deck Design & Technology
  • Human factors (Crew Resource Management)
  • Avionics and Systems.
  • Airline Training & Operations.

3. Surrounding

Surrounded by pilots rated on the Airbus A300/A320/A321/A330, ATR 42/72, Boeing 727/737-ORG-CL-NG/757/767/777, Bombardier Q400, and more. Most of everyone I know are in aviation, be it pilots, engineers, designers, manufacturers, directors, Air Traffic Controllers or…just anyone.
Always surrounded by airplanes.

4. In Circulation

In circulation are my videos, my articles, & my training material.

Published Articles:

Instrument Landing System
My first, detailed, technical article on the ILS and its use. Took the inputs of many pilots, while also capitalizing on my first hand experience on the system. From the radio waves to the approach plates, very comprehensive. Read Here, on page 14

Beach Landing
Imagine landing airplanes on the soft sands of a beach! That too in India. By actively participating and helping with the NAL sponsored event, here is a first hand description of an unusual general aviation event in India. Read Here, on page 28

Airbus A320
Experienced first hand a flight in the cockpit of an A320 from Jakarta to Surabaya. I even switched on my Garmin GPS to cross check the accuracy of the on-board navigation systems. Ofcourse, only the serious experience was published. Read Here, on page 24

Very High Frequency Omnirange
No article ever can deliver to you in lucid language the intimate details of a VOR. First hand experience and an eye for technical detail gives you the much needed details in one single article. Ready to understand this marvelous technical aid? Read Here, on page 27

Simulator Training
My first hand experience in an Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) session with Kingfisher Airlines reveals much about training in an airline. There is a reason and history behind every emergency scenario. What are they? This juicy article will keep you hooked. Read Here, on page 13

Flight School : IGRUA
On an invitation to IGRUA by the Director, Air Marshal (retd) Verma, I set out from Banglore to Rae Barelli to see what I had heard so much about. Through these portals truly pass some of the finest in the world. Why? Read Here, on page 20

Interview, Marcel Hungerbuehler
In an interview of the then CEO of Bangalore International Airport, a German with rich aviation experience, I explore some of his, and his team’s thought processes that have made BIAL what it is today. Read Here, on page 18

Flying a Turboprop
My best research article ever. The most comprehensive comparison of the ATR72 and the Q400, the two best selling turboprop aircraft in the world. With inputs from the manufacturers, and six pilots who fly the type, no other article can be as comprehensive and as unbiased. The conclusion is left to the reader, but the simple take away: One aircraft is all about economy, while the other about performance. Want to know more about these marvelous air chopping birds? Read Here, on page 24

A320’s Sharklets
An article that analyses Airbus’ winglets:”Sharklets”. Despite mired in a legal battle regarding the design, this wintip addition can save airlines loads of fuel. This article also descrivbes the evolution of winglets, and the major players. Read Here, on page 15

Iran Air 727: Nose gear up landing
An Iran Air 727 landed without the nose wheel extended. The landing was a piece of art, and is a reflection of great CRM and good training. Read more to understand the pilot’s perspective: written after interviewing the very captain who pulled off the feat!. Read Here, on page 21

NFTI: A flight school that promises flying jobs
An article on the newly founded CAE-National Flying Training Institute, NFTI, located at Gondia, Maharastra. This school came under flak from its students, for low flying hours and apparently being “kicked” out of the hostels when the 17 month hostel contract came to an end. Despite this, the Indigo-cadet pilot program that is offered gives a student pilot the greatest chance of landing wit a flying job, that too, with one of India’s best managed airlines. Read Here, on page 35

Videos of mine worth a mention:

General Aviation Flight Simulator
A flight simulator which was developed by myself, and few very skilled people.

The first ever video on IGRUA. It was an honor to make this.

The Beauty of Flying
My first video on my heartthrob: commercial aviation. Was originally made for India Aviation 2008 in my younger days, but later realized that business and passion are not always like alcohol and water.

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Disclaimer: The views contained herein are solely the views of aviation professionals, and myself, and DO NOT represent the views of my employer in any which way. The content of this blog is base don the author’s rich personal experience and high quality private research.