Project Airbus Tech: Updates


Sushank Gupta, the very driven and highly motivated commercial pilot who loves the Airbus A320, has been doing an excellent job by covering the A320’s systems. This is no small feat; with close to 1,000 questions to be answered, Project Airbus Tech (PAT) is comprehensive, and the biggest such project in India.

As of today (Feb 16th), PAT covers the Airbus A320’s Chapters 21, 23 and 24: Air-conditioning Pressurization & ventilation; Communication Systems; and Electrical Systems.

We are pleased to see the support of many well known pilots in the community extending a helping hand; we will appreciate if you too can contribute!

To know more, please CLICK HERE.

2 thoughts on “Project Airbus Tech: Updates”

  1. Thank you Sushant for such a superb step towards helping a320 rated pilots understand it’s systems better and thus fly this beautiful machine in it’s limits and by total hands off automation.

    (a320 zero hour type rated yet jobless aviator)

    • Sushank Gupta said:

      Aksit, feels good to hear about your views on the Project. Good to hear that there are still pilots out there who like to read about their aircraft’s systems in depth.
      Read on buddy…
      Happy Landings

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