The ATR 72 Experience: Bangalore to Hyderabad, with operational information!


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VT-KAD, taken immediately after the flight!

I was rummaging through my “precious" stuff, when I found two “in-flight forms" that I had prepared for the flight crew operating my flights. I knew the crew well, so it wasn’t an issue back then. Today, the story is different: requesting for technical information in-flight may not be taken in the right light, and those responsible for airport security may be waiting for you at your destination!

But if done carefully, you may be in for a technical treat! Below is the scan from an ATR 72-500 flight from Bangalore (VOBL) to Hyderabad (VOHS), via airway W57N, which was flown sometime in 2011. I got the F/O to fill the form for me, which he did with a nice smile!

[Background Information: W57N is a unidirectional airway that originates at BIA (VOR, Bangalore International), and terminates at HIA (VOR, Hyderabad International), as follows:

BIA(N13° 12.4 E077° 43.9) – LATID (BIA/012°/77NM) – VIRAM (LATID/011°/54NM) – HIA (VIRAM/011°/113NM)]

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  1. Like a true avgeek!

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